REPOST – Deus Ex Grays

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Grays: the terrestrial transgenics


Written by Chris the Cynic, Added to and Edited by walton simons


An explanation of the Gray’s terrestrial nature.

The grays are not aliens. This is not a theory, this is a fact. There will be no, „Problems with this theory,” and no alternate theories. There will be only proof.

For starters the developers said that the Grays are not aliens, as they created the grays they should know. Although where and when the developers said this is lost in the twisting nether of the internet as walton simons found out after spending hours doing Boolean searches on AltaVista.
Thankfully there is enough in-game evidence to prove the Gray’s terrestrial nature.

Now then, in game evidence.

„From: MLundquist//VersaLife.783.48.90
To: MBates; ADonovan
Subject: Gray Project Schedule

I’ve attached a preliminary schedule for the Gray Project and want to get your input before we meet next week. Couple of issues I want to whiteboard are their ability to spontaneously generate radiation as a form of „attack”, and their apparent resistance to a number of environmental conditions.

We’re still trying to resurrect all the information from the old Dreamland data wells, but we have managed to extract a complete genetic sequence from the old bovine experiments that have given us two viable test subjects.
They’ve been isolated in a radioactive field downstairs for observation if you want to work up your informal impressions prior to the meeting.

BTW, we still haven’t heard from Feng about the karkian eggs – we’ve got the Hong Kong police out looking for him now, but we’ll need to push back our planned infant karkian development studies until we hear something.

Dr. Lundquist”

Note that the gray’s entire genetic sequence was in the bovine manipulation project, although I don’t think they are cows I have noticed that the bone structure of the feet does resemble hooves. It would make sense for them to be an early transgenic project. Also possible is that they were grown inside of cows, and this was the cattle mutilation that you hear so much about.

„From: LDeBeers//UpNet.873.484
To: BPage//UpNet.658.9044
Subject: RE: Bovine Manipulation

>I’d like to investigate the possibility of resurrecting
>the bovine manipulation project (MJID-9803HU8932), with
>an eye towards recreating the „Gray” lifeform – while
>the project was deemed a failure at the time, it _was_
>successful as a propaganda tactic in diverting attention
>away from actual Dreamland research. With recent advances
>in genetic science, the Gray lifeform could be engineered
>to protect MJ12 facilities while also serving as a useful
>bit of meme indirection.

An interesting idea, Bob, but I’m sure MJ12’s research allocations can be put to more substantial use pursuing our human augmentation projects; however, I’ll bring up the idea with Stanton and Morgan.


The grays were used in meme indirection. One example of how successful this is was the email on Smuggler’s computer saying that there were no genetic tests via vaccinations (even though there were) because the US had already sold out to the grays.

Also of note is that the gray turned attention away from the real research in Area 51 (Dreamland) This means that the Area 51 projects were unrelated to aliens and benefited from the belief in aliens. Further if there was a cover up to hide the existence of aliens (Roswell) why would they use the aliens to keep people from looking at a different project and risk exposing the existence of aliens thus negating all the work that went into the first cover up?


Go! The cages are open… I don’t know what happened… some kind of attack… I got into the Aquinas Hub… Yes, the code works, and our monkey friends are transgenics, I’m pretty sure…

I will be in the Reactor Lab. Don’t come to find me… I will meet you on the surface… when it’s safe…”

If he was sure rather than pretty sure this would be all I needed to present.

I’d like to call attention to the inventory images. The gray image has patent numbers and a serial number. Not really anything that we didn’t already know. The image is also labled „Alien Genome” which doesn’t necessarily mean they are from another planet. There are many different definitions of the word alien (at least 5) only one means „from another planet”.

Ecology. An organism, especially a plant or animal, that occurs in or is naturalized in a region to which it is not native.”

The above defintion can be used to describe grays as alien without labeling them as being native to another planet.

The Blue fusion device image I find just plain funny. The mechanism is under study, but that doesn’t mean anything because they tell you that Area 51 is filled with all kinds of stuff that they have lost track of (the bovine manipulation project was dug up with difficulty, there are „doors with unknown codes.”)

But what gets me is that the device is said to come from aliens.

MiBSpecial We want to remove the keypads.
MechanicSpecial I wouldn’t wanna do THAT. Didn’t those things come from the aliens?
MiBSpecial The origin of the blue-fusion devices is classified.
MechanicSpecial Well, I ain’t touching them. Talk to Mac.”

This means that if the devices came from aliens the keypad was attached when they got it, otherwise there wouldn’t be a problem removing the keypad as someone managed to put it in just fine.

The schematic even has it listed as ROS172-E, ROS as in Roswell. This is also where they say that the grays are cloned from. So apparently an alien spaceship crashed carrying antimatter reactors that can’t handle full power, and blue fusion reactors with keypads attached that were the standard human type.

How likely is that?

But it gets better, see the grays are not clones, they are genetically engineered.

So let us say for a moment that the grays are aliens (even though they aren’t) that means that the statement „They were cloned from cells gotten at Roswell” is a lie. (Actually it’s „The grays are just clones — they SAY from cells they got at Roswell”.)

As that is the only thing supporting the belief that the grays are aliens, and we know it’s a lie, the argument that they are alien’s has no ingame, out of game, or any other form of evidence supporting it.

What does it say about it in the (Deus Ex) bible? Well it doesn’t mention them spesifically, but it does give us a clue as to when MJ12 was created. MJ12 was created after the Bilderberg Group, after 1954. As the Illuminati’s technology and communications leader. That’s 5 years or more between the supposed Roswell crash and MJ12’s founding. This goes against the alien theories stating that MJ12 was founded as a result of the Roswell crash, and had numorus operations starting in 1949.

Put simply the conspiracy theories are wrong.

Finally we have Deus Ex Invisible War info specifically calling them engineered transgenics, and not aliens.


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